Frequently Asked Questions

Stockings, Hats & Beanies with Leatherette Patches

  • How should I care for my hat or beanie with a leather patch? For optimal care, gently hand wash using a mild detergent in cold to warm water. If machine washing, use a delicate cycle. Always air dry; avoid the dryer. The patches, attached with heat-activated adhesive, are crafted to endure regular wear.

  • Are the patches on the hats and beanies made from real leather? Our patches are crafted from high-quality leatherette (faux leather), treated with a safe, enhancing leatherette oil, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Engraved Boards

  • Is it safe to wash my cutting/charcuterie board in the dishwasher? To maintain the quality of your board, we recommend hand washing only with warm water, mild soap, and a sponge. Please dry it immediately with a dish towel and avoid soaking it.
  • Why does the engraving on my board look different from the images on the website? Our boards, crafted from natural woods, exhibit unique grain patterns. Consequently, the engraving appearance can vary, making each board distinct and one-of-a-kind.

  • Do your cutting/charcuterie boards come with any finishes? We keep our boards natural. No finishes are applied, preserving the wood's authentic charm.

Wood Products

  • I noticed some variations in my wood cutout product. Is this normal? Absolutely. Each piece is derived from larger lumber sections, making features like knots, slight roughness, and variations in grain or color a natural occurrence, adding to the product's unique character.

  • Why is the engraving on my wood cutout product different from the website's display? Similar to our boards, these items are made from all-natural wood, leading to variations in engraving due to the wood's inherent grain patterns. This ensures each piece is uniquely yours

Do you charge Sale Tax?

  • The Iconic LLC has an office located in Florida.  Under State and Federal laws, we are required to charge sales tax on purchases shipped to the State of Florida.

What if I received the wrong item?

  • If the wrong item was shipped to you please send us an email at so that we can rectify this.

How soon do you ship?

  • We ship within 5-7 business days of receiving your order. 
  • For questions please email us at