Elegant Custom Acrylic Name Tags - Perfect for Weddings and Events

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Color: Silver Mirror

Enhance your event's table setting with our sleek, personalized acrylic name tags, ideal for weddings and special occasions. These laser-cut place cards add a modern touch to any dinner, crafted with precision to display each guest's name beautifully. The height ranges from 1.5 to 1.9 inches, while the length and depth are carefully considered to ensure proportionality and stability. Please note titles such as 'Mrs.', 'Mr.', or 'Dr.', as well as dual names, count as additional words. A minimum of 10 tags per order is required, dedicated to names only to maintain the distinction from signage.
Material: Acrylic

Length: Determined by number of letters, the more letters the longer it will be
Depth: 1/8”

Listing is for name placecards only. This listing is not meant for signage. Any orders received with words other than names will be cancelled. Thank you for working with us!

Made to order
Laser cut in the USA


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